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Learning Machine creates software for education providers, employers, and students to succeed within the information economy.

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Create, issue, and track digital certificates

Blockchain credentials allow nation-states, NGOs, global university systems, and employers to issue digital proof of membership, achievement, or completion. These digital certificates are registered on the Bitcoin blockchain, cryptographically signed, and tamper-proof. Recipients can hold and share their official records directly with others, with the blockchain being used as an independent notary for verification.


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Build the best incoming class

Designed specifically for higher education, Learning Machine uses the latest technologies to transform the admissions process and automate the laborious tasks of data synchronization, record matching, and reporting. The result is a powerful system that allows your office to build the best incoming class and the flexibility to adapt every cycle.

Enrollment Management

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Find your best applicants

SlideRoom is the world's premier system to review portfolios, proposals, and auditions. The system is currently used by almost 1000 institutions across 17 countries, and it is the official system of the Common Application to collect portfolios during undergraduate admissions.


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Build your talent pipeline

For HR departments, the Learning Machine ATS comes with a branded careers page to receive applications consisting of application forms, references, and portfolios of work product. Completed applications can be automatically routed to the correct team member with customized evaluation forms presented at each stage of your pipeline. Custom reporting and powerful APIs ensure that the entire process is carefully monitored and connected to other company systems.

Applicant Tracking

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