The Future of Cloud IT.

Many software vendors offer complicated systems that attempt to do everything, but modern businesses clearly prefer using a variety of single-purpose services that are low cost, simple to use, and easy to change. The new challenge is how to easily bring that fragmented stack of cloud and on-premise systems together.

The Learning Machine platform connects your favorite services into a centralized view of people useful to your entire team. It's easy to bring together information from across payment gateways, supply chains, sales channels, email, help desks, shipping, website inquiries, custom databases and anywhere else data is stored. The result is a unified contact record with activity history, and cross-platform workflows that can drive automations. Our platform is entirely self-service and doesn’t require expensive programmers or IT staff.

Experimentation is the core of learning, so it should be easy to try new things and continuously adapt operations. The Learning Machine platform is in private beta and will launch a public beta later this year.

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Company Profile

We are a privately held company with offices in San Francisco and Dallas. The company is profitable, capital efficient, and has experienced significant double digit growth every year.

Our first product, SlideRoom, is an applicant tracking system that launched in 2008 and continues to evolve as the premier system for accepting media-based projects from applicants. The system works well in any setting (University Admissions, Grant Management, Residencies, HR, Competitions, and the like). We are the exclusive partner of the Common Application to manage portfolios during college admissions and aim to extend our reach in the global edu market as well as the broader commercial markets.

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