We make friendly enterprise software for applicant management and collaborative communication.

Learning Machine is a product company driven by great design and engineering. We are committed to making enterprise tools that balance robust functionality with intuitive interaction. We began in 2007 with our flagship product SlideRoom. In 2014 we started work on GoodProspect, reimagining CRM based on our conversations with customers. Our goal is to empower teams with practical insights about people and processes with configurable data tracking built into daily operations.


SlideRoom is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that enables organizations to receive and review applications with rich media content. In addition to application forms and references, media is a powerful way to assess skill in any field. SlideRoom is widely adopted by over 700 institutions across admissions, HR, and grant management sectors.

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GoodProspect is a collaborative inbox and relationship management system for teams who share communication responsibilities across email and social channels. The goal of the system is to help teams identify which contacts are their best prospects for reaching targeted goals as well as tracking the entire life cycle of the relationship.

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