Bringing useful views of people into focus

Learning Machine is a product-driven company. We create software for enterprises that need better tools for relationship management and team decision making. As mass technology adoption creates a world of fragmented data, we bring surprisingly useful views of people into focus. Two of the ways we do this are through SlideRoom and GoodProspect.

  • SlideRoom is an applicant tracking system (ATS) unique for its ability to accept media-based projects from applicants in any setting (University Admissions, Grant Management, Residencies, HR, Competitions, and the like). In addition to application forms and letters of reference, seeing a person’s creative output is the best way to perceive their curiosity, skill, and ability to solve new problems — which are the essential traits for success in the new economy. Institutions can review applicants with SlideRoom’s suite of evaluation tools that help to identify their best applicants.
  • GoodProspect is a lightweight platform for integrating data about people from various touchpoints across the web and learning from that data in targeted ways. The system creates a unified contact record and pulls information from a company’s internal and third party apps, automatically logging activity updates as they occur — all without a big CRM. Machine learning is used to surface insights about people and can be customized to solve for new goals and changing questions.

Company profile

We are a privately held company with offices in San Francisco and Dallas. The company is profitable, capital efficient, and has experienced significant double digit growth year-over-year every year.

Our software is currently deployed for millions of users with particular traction in higher education. We are the exclusive partner of the Common Application to manage electronic portfolios during college admissions and aim to extend our reach in the global edu market as well as the broader commercial market.

Looking forward

We believe a few emerging technologies will radically change how the world works in regard to identity and deriving insights about people. These include Artificial Intelligence and Bitcoin/Blockchain. Together, networked AI and the Blockchain ledger form a new backbone as radical as TCP/IP and HTTP (the internet and web respectively). These are nascent platform technologies, so we are investing R&D in the possibilities they represent over the next 5 years.

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