The ability to issue secure digital records has applications across every industry. The maintenance of official records has traditionally required stewardship by institutions, on behalf of individuals, for storage and transmission. Moving into the age of blockchain-based records means individuals and organizations can own and directly share these records of achievement and identity.

Learning Machine is currently focused on applications for government, education, workforce development, and professional certifications.

Blockchain Ownership and Smart ContractsAs industries scale out their blockchain strategies and verifiable digital records become the norm, new types of efficiencies are being discovered and unnecessary costs eliminated from legacy processes being transformed by efficient hives of direct interaction and verifiability.

Expensive middlemen and complex bureaucracies can be replaced with the efficiency of direct interaction. 

What comes after an industry’s important digital records are verifiable? A whole new ecosystem of technical automation, enabled by ‘smart contracts,’ begins to produce a new social fabric that enables civic efficiencies, personal mobility, and institutional transformation. Giving people their data in a format they can easily own and use is one of the best ways you can prepare your organization for the future.

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