blockchain analytics

Learning Machine provides tools for organizations to issue, track, and verify blockchain-based records. Everything for recipients is free, including the mobile app.

Issuing Workspaces

Workspaces are used by organizations to complete the entire process of connecting with recipients and issuing them digital records.

  • Import/manage recipient lists
  • Easily collect recipient public keys
  • Design templates for digital records (content, layout, metadata)
  • Issue records to entire cohorts
  • Track aggregate analytics of how records are being used online
  • View profiles that show all records issued to an individual

Branded Verification Sites

A branded verification site is a convenient way for employers and others to easily verify digital records by simply uploading a file or pasting a link. This provides easy access to a live lookup service on the blockchain and return a verification status.

your branded site

Governance Portals

For organizations that need a connected federation of accounts, Learning Machine provides enterprise-grade governance portals to provision workspaces for a family of institutions, manage user access, and see aggregate analytics.


What is the central benefit provided by Learning Machine?

Learning Machine provides the easiest way to issue secure digital records. The tamper-proof format allows recipients to prove ownership and allows third parties to verify, without any dependence upon a centralized authority.

Who can use Learning Machine for issuing digital records?

Learning Machine can be used by governments, companies, education providers, accreditation bodies, and others. The technology we provide is a bridge to conveniently take advantage of blockchain infrastructure, regardless of the content type. Notarizing official records on the blockchain is most appropriate when your organization wants to provide recipients with records of achievement or membership important enough that third parties may later want to verify those claims.

How does Learning Machine work with customers?

We’re deeply invested in relationships with our partners. This includes everything from initial education to integration engineering. The process typically unfolds like this:

1. Educate: We talk with key stakeholders to discuss your needs and our offerings.

2. Pilot: Together we define the scope of a target use case, craft a communication plan, and coordinate implementation at a limited scale.

3. Expand: With the findings from the pilot in hand, we work with your teams on expanded use cases, integration engineering, white glove installation and ongoing support.


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