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Dedicated to individual ownership and decentralized verification.


Learning Machine Technologies, architect of the Blockcerts open standard with the MIT Media Lab, is the world leader in blockchain-based digital identity and credentials. As the only blockchain-based records provider in the world with an in-market product for multi-chain issuing and self-sovereign digital identity, our offering is revolutionizing the way business in all sectors issue and verify claims and the way individuals understand and use their digital identities.

Learning Machine is a startup in its second year of commercial operation with clients around the world. Our Enterprise SaaS product, the Learning Machine Federated Issuing System, allows governments, companies, and educational institutions to issue blockchain records at scale to any blockchain they choose.

We’re proud to have investment partners from PTB Ventures, Omydiar Network, and Learn Capital.


Our executive group leads our product, sales, and operations teams globally (from left to right): Dan Hughes (COO); Natalie Smolenski (VP BizDev); Chris Jagers (CEO); Kim Hamilton Duffy (CTO).


Dallas, New York, Seattle, Valletta

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