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December 2017




Office of the President

Educational Achievement

In December 2017, CNM became the first community college in the United States to issue digital diplomas, securely anchored to the blockchain, giving students the power to manage their own credentials using the free Blockcerts mobile app.

“We are very excited to begin adopting this technology that’s going to provide more value, independence and convenience to our students throughout their lives,” CNM President Katharine Winograd said. “Students put forth tremendous effort to earn their higher education credentials and we’re going to start empowering more students with stewardship over their own educational achievements.”

“We’ve seen the vulnerabilities of the internet, and Blockchain is definitely the future because the data that lives there is not only verified, but also immutable and totally trustworthy.”

Bill Halverson
Senior Technology Advisor to CNM Ingenuity

The diplomas issued to students within CNM’s Ingenuity programs use the BTC blockchain, which means they can never be tampered with and can easily be verified by any potential employer. As of the Summer Term, Ingenuity had issued about 300 total diplomas.

CNM plans to continue expanding the use of digital credentials in phases across all programs at the college. Starting August 30th 2018, all graduates of Summer term will have the option to request and digital diploma, and then available to all graduates going forward. Eventually the goal is connect these with CNM’s open badge initiatives that communicate measurable skills along an education path, and then unlocking more summative academic records. Often referred to as “stackable certificates” they contain the history of previous accomplishments which preserves the learning pathway.

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