The Lifelong Learning Record


More useful than traditional records

Better Credentials

Education offers critical pathways for upward mobility and economic improvement for people everywhere. Credentials that are earned on that journey serve as important markers of skill, competency, and accomplishment. One goal of every education provider should be issuing these credentials in a secure way that students can take with them and build upon. With the blockchain, the goal of student data ownership becomes a reality. This technology enables learners receive their official records in a digital format that is tamper proof and immediately verifiable by others.

“I’ve earned my credits — shouldn’t I own them? I hate having to pay money and wait a long time every time I need to show what I have achieved.”

Further, an individual’s lifetime of education does not reside entirely within one organization. Not only do people attend a variety of schools, but learning happens outside of formal schooling and continues over a lifetime. Because of this, it is important that educational organizations issue student records in a format that learners can own and combine with future achievements.

Learning Machine works with schools, systems, and Education Ministries to establish immediately useful blockchain credentialing solutions that empower learners with their own official records. Ultimately, these records can be used as a file attachment, or link, when applying for a job or subsequent education.

Case Studies

The Republic of Malta

Federation of State Medical Boards

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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