Get Organized

The Learning Machine Federated Issuing System acts as a governance tool for large institutions to manage records at any scale, even across organizations.

Provision accounts

Create new workspaces as your various issuing organizations come online.

Standardize data

Define naming conventions and metadata shared across all your issuing organizations.

Aggregate views

Search data, find users and view analytics across your ecosystem in one place.

Federated Analytics

View consolidated analytics from across issuing accounts to inform policy making, curriculum development, alumni relations, and more.

Public Key Registry

For additional security, publish a list of your issuing organizations and their public keys by embedding the registry widget into your website.

Global Infrastructure

Your Learning Machine Federated Issuing system can be hosted within your private stack, with location options ranging across any geographic region with an AWS data center.

Fulfill security and compliance requirements.

Protects your data at all levels with managed access control, GDPR settings, SSL certs, and more from your governance control panel.

“It’s self-sovereign, trustworthy, transparent, and impossible to destroy because it’s not simply stored on a database in some government building.”

Evarist Bartolo
Minister for Education & Employment

Ministry for Education and Employment


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