Blockchain Security for Civic Records

Improving Economic Outcomes

Being a digital center of excellence means preparing citizens for a world that is increasingly mobile, global, and skilled. Providing people with ownership of their digital records in a format that is independently verifiable is a fundamental step to reaching that goal.

Official records may be educational, professional, or civic documents.

Learning Machine works with governments to deploy this new type of social infrastructure for securing official records on the blockchain. These digital records are independently verifiable, so citizens can accumulate important documents and use them when engaging social services, registering to vote, claiming title to property, applying for work or further education, and proving vital records (e.g. birth, baptism, marriage, death). By giving citizens official records that they own, governments can decrease process inefficiency while improving citizen satisfaction and economic outcomes.

Case Studies

The Republic of Malta

Federation of State Medical Boards

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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