Blockchain benefits

Improved Relations

People deserve to own their records, and they will appreciate the effort you have demonstrated by providing their records to them in a format they can own. Ownership empowers people to self-disclose when and how they choose, facilitates interactions in high-stakes situations, and directly contributes to their economic advancement. Providing individuals with these benefits establishes an ongoing connection with your institution that can last long after they have left.

Marketing & Analytics

When blockchain records are shared publicly, it creates a frequent reminder of your organization in the minds of recipients and others who view them. Giving recipients the ability to easily share official records gives your organization a new marketing channel as well as corresponding analytics for how and where these records are being shared.

Fraud Protection

Learning Machine helps you issue cryptographically-sealed records that cannot be faked. By using the blockchain as a notary, third parties can always check that an issued record came from your institution and has never been altered.  Registering records on the blockchain provides the safest way to issue official records and protect your brand. Read more about the security features.


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