Data Protection Overview

Learning Machine’s mission is to enable the issuance of digital credentials that are secure, privacy protecting, recipient owned, and always available. This mission is part of a global trend to empower individuals by giving them control over their own data. Our policies and product embody this commitment to privacy, security, and ownership for our customers and credential holders.

  • The Data Security page provides a security overview of our data center, application, and policies.
  • The Privacy Policy contains an overview of our commitment to your data privacy, including the Privacy Shield framework.
  • The GDPR page provides detailed information about how we help our customers comply with GDPR.
  • The FERPA page recognizes our federal compliance for US educational customers to protect student privacy.
  • The Section 508 page provides details about our system’s accessibility and a link to our VPAT form.

If you have any questions about our security, please email: