Our products are built using the Blockcerts open standard for issuing and verifying blockchain-based records. Blockcerts was co-developed by M.I.T. and Learning Machine in 2016 and released under the M.I.T. open-source license. The standard functions as a free resource to facilitate common patterns between different initiatives.

A standards-driven environment helps to ensure longevity and interoperability for this new type of digital record.

Blockcerts Open Standard

Network Partners

Blockcerts development continues to coordinate with various standards bodies all over the world to productively intersect with other data standards and policy frameworks around the world. We are committed to making ongoing contributions to Blockcerts in an effort to help establish a standards-driven future. A few collaboration partners include:



creative commons

Community Forum

If you’re interested in building your own solution using the open-source toolkit or simply have questions, you can get started by joining the community forum. The Blockcerts community is a great place to get answers to technical and theoretical questions about this new technology.


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