Human Capital Management

Encourage Growth

Recognizing skill development is an investment in growth and a critical part of workforce development. Official job histories, commendations, training, and other workplace achievements that are officially conferred by an employer provide a tangible benefit to employees as they form a durable record of achievement that can be used for promotion, skill discovery, and role mobility.

From hiring people with verifiable credentials through promotion of your best workers, a good credentialing infrastructure empowers employees with records that they own and can use anywhere. By giving them tangible forms of recognition that have wider currency in the world, you create additional motivation to train and move up the ranks of your company.

Being a company that inspires growth internally and externally means rewarding evidence of achievement. By contributing to employees’ lifelong learning record with independently verifiable records, your company is making a small investment in people that stimulates growth and provides employees with a reward that lasts a lifetime.

Learning Machine makes it possible for companies to: 


  • Integrate digital certificates with existing HR systems
  • Issue proof-of-employment, certifications, and other records
  • Build employee profiles to keep track of progress
  • Support a growing number of online and training programs
  • Provide analytics for leadership to understand trends

Case Studies

The Republic of Malta

Federation of State Medical Boards

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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