Issue Verifiable
Digital Credentials

Get a complete system to issue high-stakes digital credentials in a blockchain-secured format, verifiable anywhere.


N Academic Records

N Professional Licensure

N Photo ID’s

N Exam Results

N Safety Certifications

N and more

Create Confidence

Blockchain-anchored records maximize the value of your programs and create benefits for everyone involved.

Improve Efficiency

Blockchain-anchored records don’t require middlemen to send or verify.

Provide Ownership

Empower recipients with records they own and can have verified anywhere.

Increase Security

Know that records are secure, tamper proof, and vendor independent.

Promote Awareness

Draw attention to your programs and your brand with records that can be shared online.

Prevent Fraud

Make it hard to impersonate records from your organization with cryptographic signatures.

Gain Insight

Build reports to better understand your credentialing trends.

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