Empower your students.

Issue official records in a digital format that students can share and have verified anywhere. Diplomas, transcripts, examinations, and badges all contribute to a lifelong record of learning and achievement.

Be known for better credentials.

Diplomas & Certificates

Reward accomplishment with branded digital diplomas that students can easily hold on their phone and share online. This raises awareness of your programs and makes applying for subsequent opportunities easy. Diplomas may be enhanced with metadata of your choosing and are fully machine readable.


Give learners their official transcript in a blockchain-secured digital format they can share and have verified anywhere. These data-rich records will be highly utilized when moving between schools, applying for further education, and even applying for jobs.


Issue examination results in a digital format that is human readable and machine readable. The free Blockcerts mobile app makes it easy to receive, store, and share exam records when needed.

Photo ID’s

Save time and money by issuing Photo IDs in a digital format that students can hold and verify on their phone. Customize IDs with the data important to your organization. QR code verification makes it easy to check their status. Coming Soon.

Open Badges

Micro-credentials are a great way to recognize specific skills and encourage further achievement. They can add up to unlock more summative credentials, such as a certification or degree, all of which is part of a complete credentialing strategy.

“From the beginning, one of our primary motivations has been to empower students to be the curators of their own credentials. This system makes it possible for them to have ownership of their records and be able to share them in a secure way, with whomever they choose.”

– Mary Callahan, MIT Registrar

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