Create, issue, and manage digital records.

Feature Overview

Everything you need to issue blockchain-based records.

Import Recipient Data

Import recipient names, emails, and any other data that should be included on their records.


Design Template Layouts

Include images, text, variables, signatures, and metadata to build records for issuance.


Schedule Issuance

All certificate data is hashed, signed, and registered on the blockchain for later verification and recipient control.

Recipient Ownership

Records can demonstrate ownership of these records with their mobile app passphrase.

Sharing & Verification

Records can be easily shared and immediately verified by checking the blockchain.

Analytics & Governance

See how records are being used and manage your entire ecosystem with a governance view.

Design for your use case

The layout designer is highly configurable and intended support a variety of institutional use cases. Images, colors, text, variables, metadata, dates, numbers, and additional elements can be deployed to match your unique digital records.

  • Academic
  • Professional
  • Workforce
  • Accreditation
  • Electronic IDs
  • Ownership
  • Awards
  • Medical
  • Certification
  • Licensure

Make records smart with metadata

Add machine-readable information to enhance the meaning of a record. This information can be understood by HR systems and might include extended descriptions, micro-credentials, or any skill equivalency framework.

Issue records to entire cohorts

Create one template and issue to entire cohorts at the same time. Templates can utilize recipient variables that get filled in at the time of issuance. It’s like a mail-merge for digital records.

Track Activity

Gain insight into the life of a credential by tracking the usage of records after issuance. Dynamic dashboards show the frequency with which records are being shared and verified.

Manage accounts

For enterprise accounts that need to manage a federation of issuing workspaces, the governance views allows administrators to monitor users, provision new spaces, and see an aggregate view of analytics from across the entire ecosystem.

Standards Compliant

Learning Machine is built with the Blockcerts open standard to ensure the longevity and interoperability of records. An open source ecosystem provides durability that goes beyond any specific vendor.

Recipient Experience

The free Blockcerts mobile app makes it easy for recipients to receive and share their official records, either online or directly with employers and other schools.

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